Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cold War

Thoughts encircling me of a dark nature, hope is lost when she leaves through the portal to my soul into the cold harsh world that offers nothing but hate and decay. I long to protect, and feel again, but naught is left but a cold shell of a man, waiting in vain for his furnace to crackle to life and offer him warmth. A cold breeze whistles by...through...surrounds me. Cold lonely voices speak in distant tongues all longing for their loves to return, do I fight? or do I lay back and join the masses of lost souls forever searching... I will fight. I will fight for that which makes me whole, I will fight for whom warms my soul, I will fight for the light at the end of this darkness, I will fight for those who choose to give up, I will fight...

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Travelling beyond the walls put up eons ago by ancestors long forgot one must be in awe at their immensity, grab the hammer, tear down these shades in the light, these fortified notions. Become that which you once were.

Swimming through to the end

As my mind swims blindly into the abyss, my body rejects that which may be amiss. I cannot follow in the wake of my mind it is as if it has departed from mine head to destinations unknown.


Your reflection shines off the shattered window to my soul, your love the stone that was cast through to liberate me from years of nothing. But now only a chill wind passes through threatening to extinguish the fire that once burned so bright. I must add to the blaze and regain that which once was; a roaring, crackling, joyous flame...I am running out of wood, into the forest must I go.


Boundless space encircles me, heeding to be filled with life's uncertainty. Fill it instead with interesting complexity. And learn the truths that lie inside of me.


Bloodied sands shine at my feet, as the crowds roar for the spectacle, the blade sings along as it calls them down, reaching a cacophony of melodic hymns to Hades himself, when will MY song reach its climax.
I am Gladiator...

In my dreams lies the answer...

As the weary eyed traveler reaches his destination between realities, he ponders his journey which brought him thus. He first set out to bridge the gap between mind and body but found instead a middle ground. A place of tumultuous ripples caused by many stones collision with the harsh exterior walls put up in times of great distress. With naught but patience and willpower he tamed this savage inner membrane and was again whole...As I awoke I felt peace for the first time in my life.